Avenue 2022 Roundup

Justin Bleuel
December 29, 2022

2022 was a huge win for Avenue. We saw our team grow, customers scale, and our product improve.

Looking forward to 2023, we’re excited to continue on this trajectory and find ways to exponentially add value to operations teams.

Below are some of our most notable milestones and features from this year! Thank you to all who have played a part, big or small, in our journey so far.

With ❤️,

The Avenue team


  1. Over 81 billion rows of data processed

  2. 2.4 million alarms flagged

  3. 321,000 issues resolved

  4. 1000+ operators served

Operators located across the 🌎…

  • Covering all of North America

    • From west coast California to east coast NYC

    • As far North as Canada and South as Puerto Rico

  • Spanning South America

    • Mexico

    • Venezuela

    • Colombia

    • Argentina

    • Brazil

    • Chile

  • Europe

    • Hungary

    • Ukraine

    • Netherlands

    • Cyprus

    • Greece

    • Croatia

    • France

    • Portugal

    • Spain

  • Asia

    • India

    • Pakistan

    • Indonesia

    • Singapore

    • Philippines

Some of our top new features

  1. Playbooks

    Playbooks allow users to create an actionable set of tasks that define the resolution criterion for a signal. Each time a signal is triggered, Avenue will attach the playbook associated with the monitor the signal was triggered from. Opening the signal on Avenue will allow users to see detailed instructions on how to accomplish each Playbook task, and also allow the user to reassign the task to other members in their organization.

  2. Tags

    The Tags feature makes it possible to add tags to any monitor or signal. You can use tags to categorize Signals based on common traits and themes.

  3. Filter views

    The filter views feature makes it easy to save filtered views of signals and share them across your team. With filter views you can save custom views as Signal Views and access them from a dropdown in the Signals section of the sidebar.

  4. Avenue Forms

    Often operations data lives outside of your virtual ecosystem. That's why we've created Avenue Forms to give you a way to manage your internal operations on the fly! Internally, we use forms to surface feature requests and to help manage our customer support pipeline. Some of our forms-beta users have been adopting Avenue Forms to manage Delivery-Support (driver calls with a failed dropoff reason) or when their in-store staff have an issue to flag.

  5. Audit log

    Audit Logs for Monitors allow users to see a timeline history of all the creation, deletion and interim changes performed by anyone at the organization to a given monitor.

  6. My tasks

    My Tasks is the hub for all of your issues raised by Avenue monitors. Track your work, act on your issues and get a summary of your Avenue workspace and how Monitors are contributing to your issues on the My Tasks page.

  7. New Integrations

    As the operations team at your organization, you are constantly building systems, which often boils down to coordinating people across the various tools they live in. That's why we launched a new suite of integrations with popular ticketing tools like Linear, Jira, Asana, Trello, Zendesk, and more. Now you can meet your colleagues wherever they are at in the digital universe of SaaS tools.

    1. Telegram

    2. Customer.io

    3. Zendesk

    4. Linear

    5. Jira

    6. Asana

    7. Trello

    8. Slack

    9. DBT

    10. Metabase

Co-Founder & CEO