Avenue Launches Playbooks

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Playbooks.

Playbooks allow users to create an actionable set of tasks that define the resolution criterion for a signal. Each time a signal is triggered, Avenue will attach the playbook associated with the monitor the signal was triggered from. Opening the signal on Avenue will allow users to see detailed instructions on how to accomplish each Playbook task, and also allow the user to reassign the task to other members in their organization.

To make creating Playbooks even easier, we’ve also introduced the concept of Playbook Templates. This feature allows you to create a Playbook once but use it across multiple monitors. This is especially helpful when you have multiple monitors that produce signals requiring the same set of steps used to drive an issue to completion.

Currently, operations teams have to manage an external set of tasks or runbooks in order to resolve a signal when sent from Avenue. It is also hard to keep track of which team member is responsible for any given step of the resolution process. Keeping track of stream of work is hard and can cause confusion across operations teams.

With Playbooks, Ops teams will be able to stay on top of their signal resolution process and make sure all issues are resolved in a timely manner using the same steps each time. This will help ensure consistency across teams and make sure everyone is working together on resolving issues for customers quickly.

Here’s how it works: when creating a new monitor, you will now be able to create a new Playbook or attach a Playbook Template. The tasks within the Playbook can be either auto assigned or manually assigned to a team member. After a signal is triggered, Tasks will appear on the signal details page so that team members can check them off as they are completed and uncheck them if they need to look at the task again. They can also simply reassign the task to another team member.

To start using Playbooks today, click on the “Playbooks” button on the sidebar. From there, fill out the form outlining steps needed to resolve any signal.

Create Playbook

If you want to attach the Playbook to an existing Monitor, navigate to the Monitor form and scroll to the bottom. From there, click on “Playbook Template” and select the Playbook that was just created.

Attach Playbook to Monitor

The next time a signal fires, the tasks associated with the Playbook will be shown on the Signal Details page.

View Tasks