Avenue Launches My Tasks

Sachi Tyagi
November 11, 2022

Today, Avenue launches My Tasks, the hub for all of your issues. Track your work, act on your issues and get a summary of your Avenue workspace and how Monitors are contributing to your issues on the My Tasks page.

Previously, Avenue users were sent to the Signals page to manipulate filters and Saved Views to find relevant information like Signals assigned to them, Open for a long time, or with a given tag.

With today's launch, any Avenue user can immediately find issues that need their attention. Without leaving the Dashboard, you can filter issues assigned to you or your team, quick view an issue, and take any appropriate action on it (for example, you can re-assign an issue, resolve it, or even escalate it).

Simply navigate to the Dashboard from the left navigation bar in Avenue to take advantage of this feature — no further action is required!


What is being released today?

My Dashboard — a central hub for all of your issues.

Who has access to the Dashboard?

All users will have access to a Dashboard catered to them, but some features may be disabled depending on the user’s role permissions. See here for more information and email support@useavenue.com for early access!

How are issues sorted on the Dashboard?

Issues are sorted in order of when they were created. Latest issues will be at the top of the list.

How do I “quick view” an issue?

Simply click on an issue from the Dashboard to quick view an issue. Click on the see details button to be navigated to the issue’s details page.

How do I apply filters to the issues on the Dashboard other than the available filters Escalated, In Progress, and Unassigned?

Escalated, In Progress, and Unassigned are quick filters available in the Dashboard. To apply more filters, click on the plus icon button next to the quick filters.

How do I “save” a filtered view?

If you find yourself repeatedly filtering the Dashboard based on certain criteria, you can create your own quick filter by clicking on the list icon button. You will be prompted to title this quick filter. Going forward, simply click on the list icon button and then click on the title of your saved quick filter to easily apply all set filters.

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