Avenue Launches Control Center for Ops

Sachi Tyagi
December 20, 2021

Today, Avenue launches Control Center, a birds-eye view of all of your issues at an organization, a team, and also a team-player level. The Control Center provides key insight on the volume and status of your issues, as well as easy access to manage these issues effectively.

Operations teams are responsible for ensuring their business is, well, operating. They are are accustomed to constant fire-fighting, ensuring all plates are still spinning, rather than business-building—often catching problems comes down to constantly refreshing dashboards and solving them is a flurry of emailing and Slack DMs, attempting to follow and out-of-date internal playbooks (i.e. Notion and Google Docs).

With the release of Avenue's Control Center, Ops teams now have a centralized system of record for understanding and answering:

  • What are the current issues?

  • Who is solving them?

  • How frequently does this happen?

Previously, Avenue users could explore signals that they built and see previous alerts and runs by clicking into each alert, separately, which meant there was no easy way to understand how signals were contributing to the number of issues and who was accountable to each alert. This made it more difficult to gauge the status of an issue, who was working on an it, and the urgency it needed to be actioned on, if it wasn't already resolved.

With Command Center, at a quick glance, Operations teams can now get a breakdown of your issues by signal name, status, and assignee. You can also double-click from the signals to the actual issues and direct your attention to where it is needed most, whether you're a team manager or a team player.

You can immediately take advantage of this new feature — no additional action is required!

External/User Facing FAQs

What is being released today?

A new Dashboard for issues across all signals and team members.

Who is this feature for?

This feature can be used from organization and team managers to team players. Furthermore, you can easily tailor the Dashboard table to your needs with filters and grouping.

How do I get access to start using Avenue at my company?

Sign-up today here!

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