Avenue Launches Audit Logs

Avenue now offers Audit Logs for Monitors, allowing users to see a timeline history of all the creation, deletion and interim changes performed by anyone at the organization to a given monitor.

Monitors change over time. They're initially created with one intention, thresholds are then modified, queries updated, they get paused/unpaused, and more.

Previously, there was no easy way to track your team's changes to a given monitor. This meant changes would go unnoticed or unexplained.

Now, we have two places you can observe a monitor’s history. The individual monitor audit log, located on the monitor details page, and the global audit log, located under the settings tab of the navigation bar.

Both areas surface monitor events, the distinction being that the Monitor-level Audit Log only shows the history for that single monitor, and the Organization-level Audit Log allows you to filter through and view changes across all monitors belonging to your organization.

Both are also now live! Simply update your monitors as you normally would and the changes will be reflected in the locations mentioned above.

What is being released today?

Two monitor logs detailing changes and updates related to your organization’s monitors. One global event log, located in the navigation bar, and one local one for each monitor.

Will previous monitor updates be logged?

No. The audit log will only contain events that have occurred since this feature was launched.

What kind of events will be logged?

At this point, logged updates include: monitor creations, monitor deletions, monitor status changes, updates to certain fields within the monitor itself (like query, title, description changes), monitor group changes, and monitor auto assignee changes.

Will additional event types eventually be added?

Over time, we do intend to expand our events types further, namely including more of the changes that can occur on the monitor edit form. However, this will likely be the full scope of even types for the time being.

How quickly will an event be logged?

Events should show up in both monitor audit logs almost immediately after they occur.

Can I get these events sent to me as alerts?

Yes! If you are an admin of your organization, you can manage an audit log subscription via a button on the upper right hand side of the global organization audit log. Currently, you can only get them sent as Slack alerts, but we do intend to expand that to emails, texts, etc over time.

Where can I sign-up?

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