Avenue expands features for Signal Subscribers

Joseph Gao
January 30, 2023


Avenue is excited to announce we now support subscriber notification filters for our Slack integration as well as our ticketing systems integrations (Zendesk, Asana, etc.). Users will now be able to specify exactly which signal updates they want to receive from Avenue when creating a monitor. Additionally, users are able to add individual subscribers to a signal after it has been triggered from a monitor run, either via the signals page or as a monitor action.

Subscriber Notification Filters

When creating a new monitor, users will notice the Slack and Ticketing integrations (Zendesk, Asana, Linear, Trello, Jira) will have an expandable menu that supports both notification body formatting and notification filters. Default options for each supported subscriber are already selected, but users are able to adjust the settings as they see fit.

Depending on the type of integration being added as a subscriber, the type of notification users receive will be different. For example, Slack status update and assignee update notifications are delivered in the signal’s slack thread. However, for ticketing integrations such as Asana, status and assignee updates are reflected via the corresponding fields in those ticketing systems, such as the Asana ticket status and ticket assignee.

Once a monitor signal has been triggered, any integration subscribers will now appear the signals page in the bottom right corner. The subscribers can be clicked to bring the user to the external system, and the active notification filters can be seen.

If a user wishes to update the active filters for a subscriber, simply hover over the subscriber and click the edit button, and select the new set of filters to apply!

Adding additional subscribers to a Signal

Prior to today’s launch, Avenue users were only able to specify which subscribers to attach to a signal in the monitor edit form. The subscribers would be auto-added to new signals only, anytime a signal was triggered by a monitor run. Now, users are able to add one-off subscribers to signals after a signal has been triggered via the new Add Subscriber button, directly from the signals page. For now, only subscribers to Slack and Ticketing systems are supported, with support for more integrations (such as WhatsApp, SMS, Email) rolling out in the future.

In addition to adding a new subscriber from the signals page, users are now also able to add subscribers as a monitor action, triggered via slack or via a an event. Simply head over to the Monitor Action creation page, and setup the subscriber to be added when the trigger conditions are met.


What is being released today?

Monitor subscribers now support notification filters, and users are able to configure these filters during monitor setup or after subscribers have been attached to a signal after monitor escalation. Additionally, users are able to add individual subscribers to signals directly from the signals page, or through a monitor action via an event or slack action trigger.

Will I be able to remove a subscriber from a signal?

Avenue currently does not support the ability to remove a subscriber from a signal.

When adding an individual subscriber to a signal, will all subsequent signals also receive that subscriber?

No. Whenever a signal is created from a monitor run, only the subscribers defined on the monitor create form will be attached to the signal. Any subscribers added to a signal after the monitor run are specific to that signal only.

When adding an individual subscriber via the signal page or via a monitor action, why are SMS, WhatsApp, Email, and Webhooks not supported?

At this time, we are unable to support all subscribers configurable via the monitor creation form as individual subscribers. In the near future, we hope to change this limitation!

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